About Us

U.S.-Liberia Charity (USLC) is focused on providing assistance to those in need both nationally and internationally.  USLC recognized how ones living situation can be disrupted or endangered due to family or personal conflicts.  USLC dreamt of assisting those youth by catering to this special group of teenagers.  Chances For Youth grew out of the need recognized by USLC in the Prince William county community.  Chances For Youth focuses on helping those who run way or forced to leave home as a means of solving their problems.  

The award of a basic center grant by the US Department of Health and Human Services in August 2006 made the dream of a group home for teenagers a reality. Chances for Youth is a 8-bed emergency shelter for 13-17 year old male and female adolescents. Our passion is to enable the complete well being of the family.  Our goal is to continue to develop programs and services specifically tailored to keeping the family together.


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