Programs & Services

  • Emergency Shelter- this program acts as a safe haven by providing emergency shelter for male and female adolescents 13-17 years old. During a maximum duration of stay of two weeks, youth will have the opportunity to learn and build on fundamental skills such as:

    • Conflict mediation
    • Independent living skills
    • Academic achievement and career exploration
    • Improving on personal self-esteem

  •  After care Services- Former residents have between two to three sessions with the case manager to assist in the transition from residential shelter. As clients transition back into the home or other permanent placement the case manager will follow up on linkage to community resources such as outside counseling, mentors, and other needed assistance.

  • After School Tutoring- youth will receive homework assistance via the internet and personal tutors in difficult subject areas.

  • Internet Café- Chances For Youth is open to the youth of the Woodbridge community to use its computers for academic and personal use.

  • Community Outreach, Education, and Prevention- This program will conduct outreach efforts between local community agencies, public and private school systems, religious bodies, and the general public in order to develop and maintain relationships with complementary agencies. The center for community resources will emphasize the need for prevention and accessibility for communal resources.

  • Non-residential Crisis Counseling- Chances For Youth will be open and available for clients to stop in to receive crisis counseling during business hours. Appointments will be made available to those in need of brief sessions. This program’s main focus is to introduce youth to conflict management, self-esteem enhancement, and behavior modification in attempts to prevent runaway patterns.

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