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Chances for Youth, located in Woodbridge, VA, is a facility that acts as an agent of change for the youth of the Prince William County Community. Chances For Youth provides many services to assist adolescents in fashioning themselves to be beneficial members of society. The world is full of youth with marked potential; however, not every child is in a position to recognize his or her strengths. It is a world of crawling soon to be adults that must become independent walking adults. The passage from crawling to walking is often marked with falling. The falling may engender crisis and conflicts in the family. Though new to this community, our motivations are not. We work with youth with the belief that everyone needs help at some point in life, in such, “who shall despise a humble beginning?” We are here to assist teens with the issues that directly impact the family unit and offer tools to empower teens to reach their full potential. 

We offer an alternative to staying in unsafe environments; family education and support; referral for services; tutoring and homework assistance; plus much more.

Please contact us for more information or if a crisis situation exists, call our 24-hour hotline at 877.491.2053.

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